How to Secure and Buy a Domain Name: The Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Keep in Mind

Finding and buying the perfect domain name is not easy! Read this article, discover the do’s and don’ts on how to secure and buy a domain name!


Let’s face it – navigating the world of domains can be a complicating task, especially if you are not up to speed on how to find and get one! Even though there are countless hosting and domain registration companies out there, it is to be overwhelmed. You can choose a company that doesn’t know how to meet your needs and you could jeopardize your whole online business.

So, instead of choosing an unreliable domain name registrar or registering a bad domain name, consider these do’s and don’ts to help secure a perfect domain name for your business:

  • Do: Include keywords or location in your domain name – In your business focuses on a specific geographic region, you can try to put the location into your domain. The same goes for the keywords. Include the most important keywords for your industry in your domain name.
  • Do: Remember to renew your domain name registration – You will be surprised how many people forget to renew the domain name registration. If you are serious about your business, buy a registration for 5 or 10 years upfront.
  • Don’t: Use numbers, abbreviations or dashes in your domain – Come up with an original and creative domain name that captures your business, it is easy to understand, easy to spell, and easy to pronounce. Our advice is to brainstorm a little. Come up with a few ideas about your potential domain name and make different combinations out of them!
  • Don’t: Buy a domain without checking its history – You need to keep in mind that even available domain names can be exposed and related to legal troubles and complications if the domain is too similar to another domain name or company’s trademark.

Our recommendation is to use WHOIS and make a basic research about a certain domain before you decide to buy it. By checking the domain, you will ensure it is available and issues-free. This website also includes expired domains you can consider. Buying a domain name is also a great idea if the domain name is valuable and worth buying. Check its history and make sure the domain name is clear! Once you will find the perfect domain, don’t wait and buy it immediately!