4 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Website Locally

Having a good and reliable website hosting service is incredibly important. If you do not have a reliable service, this could lead to a lot of issues. If your hosting service does not have enough bandwidth, your website could suffer as a result. If the web hosting service goes under maintenance too often, your website might suffer because it will be offline for quite a while in the long run. And if your website hosting service does not give you technical support, this might lead to a lot of problems as well.

Thus, here is why you need to host your website locally:

  1. Speed

When you host your website locally, your website will most likely run three times faster than if you have a web hosting service which is based in a foreign country. This is because, when you host your website locally, the traffic is directed through the local internet exchange point which makes all the difference in the world!

  1. Prices

The prices of local web hosting companies are lesser. Even if you buy a domain name, buying from a local business will be better in the long run. Why this is so is that the exchange rate fluctuates continuously. Hence, you never know how much your currency might devalue against an another in the future. Thus even in the case of domain name registration and if you buy a domain name; when you have to renew services you might end up paying a lot!

  1. Laws

The laws regarding data protection in other countries might be different hence if the web hosting company which is based in the other country shuts down or has to submit data to authorities, their laws might allow for them to do so. Instead of risking complex international data protection laws, it is better to just buy a domain name in your own country as well as other related services.

  1. Local Economy

There is nothing better than helping out your fellow countrymen. If you do your domain name registration, purchase data and bandwidth from a local provider, you will be encouraging the local business and hence the national economy which is always a plus point! You will not be sending currency outside of the country which might devalue the currency even further against other currencies of the world.